North American Power Reference Case

Off-the-shelf 25-year electricity and fuel price forecast

Spring 2021

Report Release: July 2, 2021

How are local, regional, and global environmental policy changes and clean energy goals affecting the NAM energy market?

Will renewable energy credits, carbon taxes, or increased wind, solar, and battery energy storage capacity play a long-term role?

What will the market look like in the future, and how can you gain the necessary foresight for upcoming opportunities?

Demystify critical investment decisions with this industry-leading energy market outlook.

The Hitachi ABB Power Grids North American Power Reference Case examines supply and demand fundamentals, factoring in details of key issues affecting the North American energy markets, to produce an integrated, internally consistent forecast for the next 25 years of:

  • Hourly, monthly, and annual wholesale electricity prices
  • Annual capacity prices
  • Monthly and annual oil, coal, and natural gas prices
  • Annual emission allowance and renewable energy credit prices

Leverage the North American Power Reference Case to optimize efficiency across asset valuation, planning, forecasting, trading, and market operations.

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