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The mining industry is facing new challenges that will not only shape the future of the industry, but also the world we know. The onset of increased regulations for maintaining worker health and safety; striving to reach Net Zero through evolved energy management; and optimizing CAPEX and OPEX budgets in a market of higher demand and dwindling ore bodies are all driving mining companies to step up and meet this new era head on.

It’s well known that digitalization is a necessity in order to meet and beat these challenges. But what if you don’t know where to start or what steps to take to meet your digital transformation goals?

Take a break, grab some coffee, and learn from Hitachi ABB Power Grids experts as they break down the major challenges facing the industry. While you sip, they’ll provide proven, clear insight how to take the first steps toward readying your organization for Mining 4.0.

Check out the sessions below. You can register for as many as you like! And since they're only 15 minutes, you'll want to catch them all!

Coffee Break #1: The demand to increase mining operations safety

Mining involves significant inherent operational risks, but the World Economic Forum estimates that digitalization could save 1,000 lives and avoid 44,000 injuries across global operations in the decade to 2025.(1)

With increasing pressure to address safety and environmental concerns and operational performance metrics subject to increased scrutiny, having a comprehensive view of asset performance across your organization is more important than ever.

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Coffee Break #1

Coffee Break #2: Mining operations infrastructure; critical communication

Mining operations must communicate across large areas that are often remote (and harsh). As digitalization takes hold, communication networks are becoming more critical for productivity and safety. As a result, mine operators need to modernize their infrastructure with cost-effective, end-to-end solutions for industrial communication networks.

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Coffee Break #2

Coffee Break #3: New demands to decarbonize off-grid mines

Every mining operation’s license to operate is increasingly tied to decarbonization and minimizing environmental impact. The fact that renewable energy is now lower in cost compared to fossil fuels is accelerating the transition to mine electrification and decarbonization. Mines are also under severe scrutiny to follow local and international environmental regulations in minimizing carbon footprint.

Remote off-grid regions typically rely heavily on diesel generators for power. Becoming self-reliant and generating eco-friendly power while keeping costs low is a better solution to address these challenges.

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Coffee Break #3

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